We believe that your onboarding experience is crucial to your success and ours. Therefore, it must truly get you ready for your career with us. What you won’t get is a week in front of a VCR and old training videos. We want you to use your training in real time and have fun with the process. Here you’ll find a combination of coaching, mentoring, job shadowing, training guides and online resources that will help you understand the whole picture and keep you feeling confident as you step out onto the stage of hotel guest service.

  • Day 1: You’ll be greeting guests, touring the hotel, meeting your team members and learning our vision.
  • Day 11: You’ll be working in the job. Maybe not perfectly but you’ll feel skilled enough to be confident.
  • Day 90: Your trainers will have no more to teach you. You’ll get a 360º Family Pin and a pay bump. Now you can help others and start deciding if you want to grow in the hotel industry! We can help!

Succession Planning

If your future goals include hotel management, we’re glad you’ve decided on a 360º Hotel Group. We have a passion for developing future leaders. In fact, we aim to always promote our management teams through our internal ranks. It’s much harder work to train and develop people then to just hire experience but we get so excited when we find individuals with a passion for both hospitality and guest service and want to grow… so we don’t mind the extra work. It pays off when we get to promote you!

  • Step 1: Your first 90 days will set the stage for you. Get the most of your onboarding time!
  • Step 2: If you want to lead, help others learn. Ask for more responsibility and let us know you want to grow. We’ll help you get your Lead Designation.
  • Step 3: If there is an opening for an MIT (Manager in Training) and you’re a Lead, grab it. If not, be patient, it’s worth the wait. Even if we don’t have open management positions when you graduate, don’t worry, we’ll help you find a position somewhere that suits your passion.